FF Hoosier Nimbus Slick XR

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The FF Hoosier Nimbus Slick Tire

Do you wanna have the PiNT feeling on you’re XR

Look no further, this is the one for you!

Size: 11.0 X 5.5 X 6

Fits the Onewheel XR, Plus and V1 *PiNT

What *FlightFins* themselves are saying about this tire:

“Announcing the new FF Nimbus, the next custom Hoosier tire from FlightFins.

  • Gives the XR a playful and responsive edge almost identical to a Pint
  • Custom compound for stability while still retaining a Whisper-like softness
  • The FF Nimbus is also slightly thicker for added durability but will still be one of the lightest tires available

*Attention Pint owners: With Pint you will have to cut or remove the fender delete and one nylon bolt in front will rub slightly (for a short time) this goes away with shaping the tire or wearing the plastic nylon cap down. With XR no modding necessary.”

  • Armor-Dilloz tire slime red is highly recommended with this tire. Armor-Dilloz is not included with this tire. You can get a bottle in my Shop.

You could also order Armor-Dilloz at and use my code VINCEVAUGHN to get some discount on your order there.

Your order will include:

  • FF Hoosier Nimbus Slick XR Tire
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