FF Hoosier T2 Treaded XR

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The FF Hoosier T2 Treaded XR

The “other one” you have heard all about.

Size: 11.0 X 6.0 X 6

Fits the Onewheel XR, Plus and V1

What *FlightFins* themselves are saying about this tire:

FlightFins has once again collaborated with Hoosier to create the next evolution of our treaded tire, the Terrain 2 (T2).

  • The T2 has been upgraded with our custom Whisper compound for the quietest ride and highest level of control – whether crushing trails or cruising pavement, the T2 excels on any terrain.
  • As it is now the lightest treaded tire on the market (including the Hoosier 5.5) the T2 also provides increased range and torque benefits.
  • The combination of a redesigned, Whisper-like, shape and the updated compound makes the T2 exceptionally carvy without sacrificing stability, just like it’s slick counterpart. Lower your PSI for a classic feel and increased grip or take it higher for tight response and unparalleled carve.
  • FlightFins logo now molded into the sidewall.
  • The T2 Shines at lower PSI on trails - Try running a few PSI Lower then you normally would as a starting point.”

  • Armor-Dilloz tire slime red is highly recommended with this tire. Armor-Dilloz is not included with this tire. You can get a bottle in my Shop.

You could also order Armor-Dilloz at and use my code VINCEVAUGHN to get some discount on your order there.

Your order will include:

  • FF Hoosier T2 Treaded XR Tire

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