FF Hoosier Whisper Slick PiNT X / PiNT

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The FF Hoosier Whisper Slick for PiNT

Size: 10.5 X 4.5 X 6

Fits: PiNT X, PiNT, Growler and Mc Nugget

What *FlightFins* themselves are saying about this tire:

“Introducing the FF Hoosier “Whisper” Street: Pint Edition

Through continuous prototyping and testing, FlightFins has once again worked with Hoosier to bring you a tire that elevates your float.

  • This tire’s custom durometer provides a whisper-quiet ride and road-feel that almost feels like having no tire at all
  • Crafted with added thickness to improve durability and longevity
  • Fits the Pint like a glove creating a signature ride
  • Dialed-in shape that carves deep and buttery, but stays stable when you need it at speed or when landing tricks
  • Featherlight – Weighing in at nearly 2/3 of a pound less than the stock pint tire; the FF Hoosier Street: PE has noticeable acceleration and range gains.
  • Sized perfectly for the Onewheel Pint and suitable for any psi range”
  • Armor-Dilloz tire slime red is highly recommended with this tire. Armor-Dilloz is not included with this tire. You can get a bottle in my Shop.

You could also order Armor-Dilloz at and use my code VINCEVAUGHN to get some discount on your order there.

Your order will include:

  • FF Hoosier Whisper Slick for PiNT Tire
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